About The Bengal Cat Breed


The Bengal Cat

Bengal Cats are wonderful cats! They are not only stunning cats to look at but also fascinating to touch, they have a "pelt" type coat that is unique to the breed.  It is incredible to touch and feels very dense and soft.  Some Bengals have a "glittered" coat, which is a shimmering iridescent gold on the tips of the hair that is visible in bright light.  Some even feel the Bengal cat can be considered a hypoallergenic cat in  which some individuals with allergies can tolerate or in some case  Bengals do not effect their allergies, though that can only be decided  on an individual basis.
Bengals are highly intelligent confident and curious cats. They are also very active, constantly on the move even as  adults, they seek out to be involved in all the family activities!
A  Bengal may not be the cat you are looking for if you are wanting a lap cat, or a “shelf cat.” Bengals require a lot of interaction.  If Bengals become bored they will not hesitate to take things apart and venture  into your drawers and cabinets too see what they can find! Bengals love to climb. So be sure to be ready to have a cat tree or window perches for them to enjoy. Bengals also like playing in water this is a cat that may even join you in the bath! Bengals love to interact with their humans and love being in the center of family activities. Very  affectionate and often they are  described as having a “dog like”  personality. But rarely are they in your lap unless they are ready for their nap. These cats are on the go!  
We are confident you will love your Bengal as your new family member but please read on the Bengal  Breed to be sure they are your families perfect fit!