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About Tara & Travis Warren

About Founder/Breeder Karen Waugaman

About Tara & Travis Warren

Tara and Travis' have always held animals close to their hearts and consider their animals family, not just pets. 

Tara’s love for showing and raising animals  became apparent as early as 4 years old starting out as a mini member in  4-H and FFA in which she continued to be an active member for over 18 years and a leader for 11 years here in San Luis Obispo County. Tara’s passion and love for animals showed through in her dedication and commitment to her projects, gaining her many local, regional and international  championship titles throughout her years of showing and livestock  judging in 4-H and FFA along with the Open show circuit. Tara raised and showed a wide variety of animals including, rabbits, goats, dogs,  sheep, hogs, cattle and horses. 

     Tara worked as  a veterinarian technician and surgical assistant for 11 years, where she  was able to pour her want to help animals into her daily routine. Tara also joined family on their 2,000 head hog ranch were she was involved  in the care and breeding of show pigs. Through those years Tara was able to gain valuable skills and to this day keeps those skills close and  values them greatly to be at her side when managing Bishops Bengals. 

      Tara’s want to be involved more with animals and agriculture led her  to gain her Agricultural Business Degree from California Polytechnic  State University, where she not only studied Ag Business, but completed  her vet skills curriculum to enable her the choice to go on to Vet school and minored in viticulture. Tara also saw the need to be an advocate for animals in this time and learned the great importance of insuring the proper care and management of all animals and that it is their duty as participants in the Agricultural world to uphold it and others to the highest standard. That includes breeders and Tara would not except anything less than the best for all Bishops Bengals Cats or any animal. 

     Through the last 5 years Tara has had the honor of being mentored by Karen Waugaman in the breeding and care of Bishops  Bengals. Through this time Karen has been gracious enough to guide Tara and hold Tara up to learning the high expectations of breeding quality  Bengal Cats and to prioritize the continued care and improvement of the Bengal breed. Tara has made it her mission to insure the  continued quality in Karen’s legacy and feels beyond blessed and excited to be able to continue on what Karen has built to be one of the most  outstanding collections of top of the line Bengals Cats world wide.

      Tara currently resides in San Luis Obispo county with Travis Warren  where they have been blessed to combine two of their greatest loves  animals and music.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius


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About Founder/Breeder Karen Waugaman

About Tara & Travis Warren

Located in the beautiful coastal area of Central California, halfway  between Los Angeles and San Francisco Bishop's Bengals is a small  selective cattery that aims to only breed the best of the Bengal Breed.

     Founder Karen Waugaman has been raising Bengal cats since 1996.
Specializing  in leopard spotted Bengals Karen has brought 20 years of her expertise  to the breed insuring her lines and cats compete with the best to  Bishops Bengals.

     Over the past 5 years Karen has been  mentoring her assistant, Tara Warren, to insure that her  constant commitment to the excellence of breeding the Bengal Cat carries  on and is excited to see its continued growth with Tara and Travis and  family taking the helm and carrying on the Bishops Bengals name. 

     We have always carefully and will continue to select our cats from the top bloodlines available.
Our kittens are loved and socialized and raised with individualized attention in our home.

      Bishops Bengals thrives on making sure their kittens are raised with  love and tender care. Health and disposition are of utmost importance.  Bishops Bengals small and select group of breeding cats rival any in the  world.

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France


About Founder/Breeder Karen Waugaman

About Founder/Breeder Karen Waugaman

About Founder/Breeder Karen Waugaman

Animals have always been instilled in the heart of Karen, her love  for animals showed through from a very young age, whether it was helping  her grandfather during the summer on his cattle ranch or assisting the  vet Karen was ready to give her all to anything with four legs. Karen  started taking riding lessons at the age of 5, and continued to pursue  her passion for horses through high school and college successfully  showing hunters and jumpers. Karen then expanded her love for horses  again into a full time position in which she managed a horse ranch with  over 50 head of stunning Arabian Horses.

With a  background in animal health from Cal Poly University Karen led their  team doing Artificial insemination, foaling, and routine vet care.
Karen  exposing her want to be able to help all that she can in the welfare of  animals also worked at an Animal Rescue, working with injured and  abandoned wildlife. Baby possums, birds, and even skunks have been  successfully raised under Karen's care.
Karen has successfully bred  and raised Chameleons, most types of birds, including everything from  Gouldian Finches, to many species of the nectar eating Lories from  Australia, Persian cats, Schipperke dogs, Whippets, Jack Russell  Terriers, and Mini Dachshunds.

All Karen's  experience led up to giving her the knowledge to focus in on her biggest  love, BENGAL CATS. Where her main goal was producing excellence in her  breeding program and kittens, provide a top of the line facility and  share her knowledge of the Bengal Cat to her clientele.